Easy installation and lower cost: This is plastic fiber optics

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The Plastic Fiber Optic Revolution for high-speed internet connections is now available for deployment and has many advantages that will interest you to meet more than one.

  • Is it different from normal fiber optics?
  • What are the advantages? How and when should it be installed?
  • Read on and know the answers.

Fiber Optics at Home

Plastic optical fiber, as the name suggests, is made of plastic and has characteristics very similar to normal Optical Fiber, with some differences, the most important being its diameter, which is much smaller, and its flexibility, which is higher.

These features allow you to "drive" it and handle it much more easily by being able to bend and pass through very small spaces.

It is also not necessary to "fusion" the cables to join them, which makes them even easier to handle and opens up the possibility that anyone, with a minimum of technical knowledge, can make a high performance installation, without having to resort to specialized personnel.

In fact, there are even self-installation kits.

instalación de fibra optica plastica

How to install Plastic Fiber Optics?

Pre-existing housing ducts, usually electrical cable ducts, can be used to make a Plastic Fiber Optic installation, avoiding drilling or construction and significantly reducing installation time.

A simple point-to-point installation is always done in less than 1 hour.

Once installed the results are very satisfactory. The speed you can reach is up to 1Gbps, a much higher speed than that provided by Wifi or PLC repeaters and with a higher performance as it has no losses or is affected by the radiations of appliances or other cables.

This makes it a very powerful option for those who want to enjoy internet at the highest level for video streaming or gaming.

In conclusion, fiber optics are already a viable option to reduce the costs of housing facilities and professional environments. It is cheaper, much more than traditional fiber optics, is very durable and practically unbreakable and has a great adaptability that allows it to flex at angles that other cables do not support, easily passing through all the nooks and crannies of the home.

If you are interested to know more and know the possibilities it offers for professionals of electricity, security and installations date high as a subscriber of our channel specialized in Plastic Fiber Optics.

Here we leave you with a sample video of a Plastic Fiber Optics (POF) installation

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carlosdelgado - 2019-11-18 16:36:59

Hola Xabier. Puedes aumentar la velocidad entre puntos dentro de tu vivienda pero como es lógico, la velocidad máxima que puedas obtener depende de tu operador. Si tienes ADSL seguramente tengas 20megas Con la fibra óptica plástica transportas el 100% de la conexión que te llega a tu vivienda. Si te llegan 20, pues será 20. Teniendo en cuenta que la Fibra Optica Plástica llega hasta 1000 megas por segundo estarías cubierto de cara al futuro cuando ya te llegue la fibra a tu casa. Para el 2020 se preve llegar a casi el 100% de cobertura del territorio español.

Javier - 2019-11-07 12:00:38

Buenas tengo ADSL en mi casa no me llega la fibra por cosas de los operadores con esta fibra plástica aumentaría la velocidad conectándolo a mi router?