How to install Plastic Fiber Optic Kits: Types of Facilities

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Do you want to take advantage of 100% of the internet that comes to you at home?

If you've already realized that neither with Wi-Fi repeaters nor PLCs you're going to be able to really take advantage of what you're paying your operator maybe you've already seen the plastic fiber optic kits. They are the most senzilla and effective way to wire your home or office without getting into construction and forget about interference or approval problems. But if you want to better understand how they work or what type of installation you can have stay because I will explain all the possibilities that La Fibra Optica Plástica offers us.

What is Plastic Optic Fiber?

Well, in case you didn't know what plastic optic fiber is that you know is nothing more than a plastic cable that has the ability to transmit light, much like fiberglass. The difference with the traditional fiber that comes to us with our operator's inernet if we have contracted fiber, is that the cable is much thinner and resistant to bending. That's why we use it to create connections in places where we want a high-reliability connection but where we don't have much room to tuck cables in. Which usually happens in our private homes.

Types of plastic fiber optic installations

Well, now let's look at different options that we have to create a backsaver in our house. A plastic optical fiber backspever is nothing more than the installation that we will make of the cable and converters in one or more rooms to extend the connection that comes to us from the router without losing anything along the way. We have several options:

instalación de fibra óptica plástica con wifi

Peer-to-peer installation

A peer-to-peer installation is the simplest we can perform that will solve the problem of many. It's about simply extending the router's connection to one more point. At least 2 converters will always be required to do so. One to convert the ethernet signal to light and one to convert the signal back to the other end. The most common cases are usually homes with 2 floors in which the wifi of the router covers one of them, but the other goes without coverage or houses that are elongated and one part is left without reach of the wifi.

For this type of basic installation it is ideal to choose a basic snap data kit that includes 2 converters. One for the start and one for the destination point.

instalación punto a punto fibra óptica plástica

Cascading installation

From point to point we move to the next level. A cascading installation is usually necessary in homes that are a little larger. It is destined for several remote points in the house, but sharing the same line of POF fiber. The most common cases are usually homes with 3 floors in which the wifi of the router covers one of them, but the others are left without coverage. The same facility can be used for single-storey homes, but without coverage in more than onearea.

For such connections the most common kits to choose from are the Duplex kit sometimes with an additional 2-port pof converter like the ACT2003. Since they offer the ability to extend the line along.

instlación en cascada de fibra óptica plástica

The installation in Estrella

A star installation is one intended to provide the same bandwidth received on the router to several remote points that leave a switch as the first converter element, which would be connected to the router. The most common cases are usually large homes with several areas without coverage and in which you want to have an internal communication network. A reduced version of the star installation is the Y installation that can be done with an ACT 2003, using it as a mini switch limited to 2 points.

The ideal kit for star installation is the Gold Kit that incorporates a switch + 4 converters.

The Mixed Installation

Once we understand the above settings we can do a combined or mixed star/waterfall installation. These cases are the least common as they are usually homes with special wi-fi coverage features inside and in which you want to have an internal communication network that allows us to enjoy the internet anywhere in it. This would be the most complete case of all possible configurations. From this, any home network could be generated by adding elements toit.

The most complete kit for this type of installation is the Snap Data Premium Kit.

instalación mixta de fibra óptica plástica


Well, these are the main types of facilities you can do. Each case is a world and you can really adapt your case to the needs you have based on these ideas. So far comes this article as always if you liked to subscribe to our social networks and share it.

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