What Internet speed do you really need?

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hasta 1gb es necesario

Operators keep offering us ever-widening bandwidths. At the moment some companies have rates of 300Mb, 600Mb and up to 1 Gbps. Now, is it really necessary to pay for those plans for bandwidth?

We have collected the bandwidth data needed for the activities we consume most and the truth is that the data surprises. Let's look at the real needs:

  • For a video call in HD 1.2 Mb/second according to Zoom.
  • An additional 1.2 mb will be required for each participant.
  • A video call with 10 simultaneous people can be perfectly made with a bandwidth of 15mb per second.

What about Netflix?

  • Netflix in standard quality will require 3 Mb per second.
  • 5 Mb to play in HD
  • 25 Mb to play Ultra HD 4k

And for gaming?

  • 10 Mbps is considered the optimal speed for luxury gaming.

So let's assume a house with 4 members in which we put all this together at the same time.

  • 1 Video conference with 10 people............. 15mb
  • 1 Streaming Netflix Ultra HD ...... 25mb
  • 2 Gamers Online . ............. 20mb
  • Total bandwidth used.... 60mb

Less than 100 mbps to do all that.

So why do they offer us such bulging bandwidths? Why do we need 300Mbps in a house with 4 people?

The answer is quick and simple: Because the connections within our houses are extremely inefficient.

Most of us have a single router from which a Wifi antenna distributes throughout the house + 1 wifi repeater or perhaps a PLC to complement in the parts where it least arrives.

These methods are very ines efficient.

In short, we dispel the data we receive without taking advantage of it and our perception is that it doesn't give us enough and wrongly we move on to hiring "more fee". Just what the operators expect you to do.

disipación de la señal wifi

To take advantage of this the companies have entered a marketinian war by offering us numbers bigger than the neighbor: 300, 600, 1000 Megas and soon we will see even larger numbers because the more megas faster and clearer, the more you pay.

For companies the important thing is to get us to pay high rates online and although with 100 Mb per second well used we could work luxury they push us to hire plans for which we pay 300 or 400 euros a year easily.

The reality of all this is that with an optimization of internal home connectivity the most economical internet plans would be more than enough for most cases.

But of course, who wants to do works to optimize their connectivity?

Until now, optimizing connectivity was only possible with ad-hoc wiring, something that new construction houses are already incorporating (Ethernet access points in each room) but most of our houses are not new, they are from 15, 20, 30 or more years ago. How do we update them?

One of the newest, most efficient, simple and economical solutions to solve this whole situation is with Plastic Fiber Optics or FOP.

  • FoP is a very thin and flexible type of fiber optic that can be passed through the conduits of the electrical cables of any house and reach the other end or to each room with exactly the same speed that reaches the router. 100%.
  • The FOP is revolutionary because the access points without losing a single mega so that even if we only have 50 megas of arrival at the router at each point of the house with FOP we can have those 50 megas intact and make the most of it.
  • The FOP is gaining ground because it can be installed very quickly and without making works, it is so easy to install that there are even Kits for DIY lovers to install themselves in a matter of minutes.

Our advice is to choose the bandwidth that best suits your needs and analyze the Internet consumption of your home, how many you connect, if you do at the same time, what you do when you sail.

With a good optimization of your connectivity at home the bill at the end of the year can be reduced considerably, we are talking about amounts of around 200 euros per year. Nothing insaonable.

We invite you to visit the Actelser page and check what the experts and those who are already enjoying it in their homes say.

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