SNAP Data ACT1003 Media Converter

Media converter with 3 RJ45 and 1 POF. Simple and complete to transport the internet signal without loss within homes and / or enclosures. Includes its own power supply.

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  • 3 Gigabit-Ethernet
  • 1 Gigabit-POF
  • No Speed Losses
  • Quick and easy connection

It has 1 full duplex port of Fibra Optica Plástica and 3 RJ45. It can be positioned as the start or end point of an installation. As an endpoint it allows the simultaneous connection of 3 devices via Ethernet delivering 100% of the speed of the original point. The data is transmitted via "POF" plastic fiber optics without guaranteed loss up to 50 meters and a maximum transmission speed 1000 Mbps. The equipment comes with its own power supply and cable.

Plastic fiber optics

Plastic fiber optics have great advantages over fiberglass or ethernet cables, the main ones are its high degree of flexibility, light weight and resistance to electromagnetic interference. In addition, these fibres can be deployed easily and universally using any existing pipeline in compliance with the ICT2 Telecommunication Infrastructure Regulations.

Easy installation

Plastic fiber optics are only 2.2 mm thick. POF cables can be easily installed in existing pipes with other electrical, telephone or TV cables. The length of POF cables can be adapted with a simple cut. After laying the POF cable, the two ends of the cable are cut with the cutting tool and inserted into the ACT 1003 converter. After that, you will have a Gigabit network connection available without the need to install ethernet cables in a prohibited, dangerous and unsightly manner.

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