Snap Data Plastic Optical Fiber Single Kit

New Single Plastic Fiber Optic Kit

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You asked us to, we've got him here. The most compact 1gbps plastic fiber optic kit. The new Single Plastic Fiber Optic Kit will open the doors of high fidelity connectivity with fiber optics in the home. The best way to extend your fiber optic connection to an additional point in your office or home without loss.

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It is the most economical SANAP DATA kit in our range, which allows you to transport the signal that reaches the router to another point, this system allows us to create 1 additional access points with fiber optic quality taking advantage of 100% of the bandwidth contracted with the operator. The ACT 1001 are converters to which we have incorporated ABR technology. This system makes the two rosettes always connect to each other, even if they cannot carry 100% of our bandwidth. The ABR system has the advantage of being able to reach beyond 50 meters away between the two teams by lowering the communication speed. On the contrary, if the installation is correct and below 50 meters, then the speed is maintained at 1Gbps. Another reason to negotiate a transition with ABR below 1Gbps is if the cable has been damaged in the installation. With this kit you will take the signal from the router to another point where you can connect your game console, TV, Computer or wifi. If it is properly installed the cable will be as if it is connected on the router. Ideal for TELEWORK situations, it will completely end connectivity issues.

Kit consisting of 2 ACT1001 with their respective power supplies, 20 meters of POF fiber, 1 cutter and 2 ethernet cables.

In case you need more meters of POF fiber than indicated in the kit, you can make purchases of additional rolls that are 10 meters until they meet your need. The maximum distance between the two points for Gbps is 50 meters. We will send you a single roll with the sum of meters of the kit plus the additional rolls purchased.

The ACT1001 has 1 FOP port and one RJ45, is placed at the start of the installation, connected directly to the router and as a destination point.

The kit includes an installation manual or if you prefer you can watch the installation video tutorial on our website.

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By (MADRID, Spain) on  11 Feb 2021 (Snap Data Plastic Optical Fiber Single Kit) :

Garantia de conexión estable

Es la tercera instalación que hago de fibra óptica plastica con los productos de ACTELSER, y sin ser instalador ni tener experiencia previa en instalaciones, nunca he tenido problemas.
He adquirido este Kit single para llevar la señal de internet directamente desde el router hasta la smart TV que está en otra habitación, y no tener problemas con las interferencias de la señal de wifi.
El producto es de fácil instalación, aunque es recomendable practicar un poco con una guía pasa-cables antes de comprarlo, y comprobar que hay paso libre por los conductos de electricidad o teléfono de la casa desde el router hasta el punto de destino.

Alta calidad. 100% recomendable.

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