Can't get good wifi?

Looking to bring maximum internet performance to every corner of your home? Have you heard about Movistar's FTTR system but don't want to tie yourself down to a contract? Break the chains of monthly fees and long-term contracts with Fiber Optic Plastic (FOP).

Connectivity in Every Corner of the Home

Bringing fibre to every corner of your home is a reality at your fingertips. FOP technology allows you to replicate the power of your connection from your router to multiple points in your home, creating a robust and reliable network that keeps everyone connected, with the contracted speed and efficiency without loss at every point.

No Ties, Just Freedom

While options like Movistar's FTTR lock you into fees and contracts, limiting your freedom, Plastic Fibre Optic opens up a world of possibilities. No monthly fees, no permanence commitments and the autonomy to choose the operator that suits you best, whenever you want.

Install it yourself without effort or tools

You can install a Plastic Fibre Optic Kit yourself: set up your network your way, without complications and without major works. Plastic fibre optic integrates seamlessly with your existing electrical wiring, preserving the aesthetics of your home.

Take the First Step into the Future

Are you ready to break free from the shackles of contracts and discover what it means to have true freedom of connection? Explore the limitless possibilities that Actelser Plastic Fibre Optic offers you. Visit us and discover how we can transform your online experience.

Discover the Plastic Fibre Optic Kit that's right for you

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