Doesn't Wi-Fi arrive well?

With Snap Data Kits you can install fiber optics in your home with professional quality.

  • Are you looking to have internet at the maximum possible speed anywhere in the house?
  • Want a better solution than WiFi repeaters and PLCs?
  • Install plastic fiber optics internet yourself effortlessly with the SNAP DATA Kit!
  • With this Kit you can 'clonar' yourself a fiber access point at 100% of the contracted speed anywhere in the house!
  • It is an ideal solution for gamers, 4K streaming, security or for those who want the best.
  • Forget about loss, interference or complex installations. Fiber 100% (Up to 50 meters away)
  • You can choose the kit that best suits your needs and dimensions

A 100% fiber installation that you can do yourself for less than 250 euros