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Optical fiber in your home with no work needed!

What is Plastic Optical Fiber?

The fastest and easiest way to wire your connection and get 100% of what you pay for.

Wiring your connection from the router to one or more points is the way to optimize connectivity 100%.
But doing it with wiring isn't always easy, legal, or possible.

Cablear tu conexión desde el router a uno o varios puntos es la manera de optimizar al 100% la conectividad.

Plastic Fiber will make you leave Wifi and PLC repeaters behind.

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Plastic fiber simplifies the process as much as possible so that you can do it with few tools. Fast, simple, without works and with excellent results.

Due to its high performance, it can be used in combination with Wi-Fi points for maximum level wireless coverage. (even better than wifi mesh)

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Everything you need to know about Plastic Optical Fiber

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