Active filters

With Snap Data Kits we can "clone" one or more fiber access points at 100% of the speed you have contracted and at any point in the house!

  • ACT4001


    Actelser's Plastic Optic Fiber Snap Data Switch features 1 RJ45 and 4 POFs.

    Includes its own power supply.

  • ACT1001 Snap Data Media...


    Act1001 Plastic Optical Fiber Converter: Speed and Efficiency

    Experience the Act1001 plastic optical fiber converter with 1 Gigabit-Ethernet and 1 Gigabit-POF. Its ABR technology ensures a reliable and stable connection, even in the event of cable damage or distances greater than 50 meters.

    Plastic optical fiber offers flexibility, lightness, and resistance to electromagnetic interference, making it easy to deploy in any existing channel. The Act1001 converter is easy to install and compatible with various devices. Enjoy a hassle-free Gigabit network connection without the need to install additional ethernet cables.

  • SNAP Data ACT1003 Media...


    Media converter with 3 RJ45 and 1 POF. Simple and complete to transport the internet signal without loss within homes and / or enclosures. Includes its own power supply.

  • ACT2003 Media Converter...


    Media converter with 3 RJ45 and 2 POF. This extended version of our converter allows to continue two other elements acting as daisy chain or daisy chain to chain more converters and extend the plastic fiber optic network with more points.

    Includes its own power supply.

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