With Snap Data Kits we can "clone" one or more fiber access points at 100% of the speed you have contracted and at any point in the house!

  • Gold Plastic Optical Fiber...

    €694.21 -20% €555.37

    Gold Plastic Fiber Optic Kit. The Gold Kit is one of our most complete kits. It incorporates 4 converters and a switch to extend your connection up to 4 access points to 100% of the data you pay.

  • Plastic Optical Fiber Snap...

    €783.47 -20% €626.78

    Premium Plastic Optic Fiber Kit. Our most complete kit with 5 access points and a switch to extend your connection in 5 access points to 100% connectivity (extendable). Ideal for large homes or offices and for total coverage.

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