Latency in online video games and plastic fiber

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In 2018 there were about 2.3 billion players online in 2021 the figure will already exceed 2700 Million. More than 400 million users in 2 years. But what do we look for when we want to play online? Not all games require high Internet connection speeds, but they do require reduced latency and especially minimal uninterrupted STABILITY if we want the overall experience to be good.

El ecosistema del gamin online

What can we do to reduce latency in video games?

First, we need to know that each type of Internet connection has certain levels of latency. For example, for satellite connections, 800 ms latency is normal, while on 3G networks it is about 120 ms. For 4G, it is 60 ms shorter and usually around 10 ms for a wired connection. In general, the latency levels we may consider acceptable vary depending on what we want to do. The same website will load almost immediately if we have a delay of 10 ms or less, but it can take up to 2 seconds if we have a delay of 70 ms. If we move on to extreme latency cases of more than 500 ms, this number could reach up to 16 seconds. Speaking of video games, the ideal is no more than 40 ms of latency. Up to 70 ms the experience can be acceptable depending on the speed of the action, but once we exceed 90 ms, the problems begin. For example League of Legends at 350 ms can be catastrophic.

However, we must keep in mind that latency can be affected by many things: the health of the target servers, the saturation of the game itself the health of our computer and above all our internet connection, its saturation. In principle we know that online game providers have the right servers to ensure good service when the number of players is "abnormally high".

Los juegos online y la fibra óptica plástica

There is no magic formula and the truth is that in many cases high latency is due to problems with the target servers or some kind of technical failure of our internet provider, so little can be done in those cases. But there is one undoubted thing, without a good headed connection at home we will never be sure what is causing the problem. That is why Plastic Optical Fiber can mean a checkmate to this doubt and leaves us prepared to make sure that the latency error will never come from us. Above all, the great advantage of the POF over ethernet will always be the total stabilizedness of the system.

Tips for low latency in video games:

  • In many cases restarting the router and computer can fix the problem in many cases.
  • Close or limit background downloads because they generate network traffic and consume resources.
  • Using a good gaming router is very useful for an optimal experience.
  • Make sure you don't pay a provider for a service we're taking good advantage of (and not losing megas along the way).
  • Keep your computer and ONT up to date.
  • Perform periodic scanning for viruses or malware as some security threats consume network resources.
  • Don't let the internet steal from us, that our network is free of intruders is another important issue.

In conclusion: Always use wired connections to play (Ethernet or plastic fiber), as they are more stable and less prone to interference.

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