Plastic Fiber Optic Installers

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Since we opened our online store now about a year ago we have not stopped receiving questions and comments from both professionals and amateurs and DIY lovers.

Perhaps the most striking thing has been the youtubers, who in many cases, in a totally selfless but very professional way have wanted to "test" and check the effectiveness and performance themselves. In this video we wanted to bring together some of the most important or outstanding. The truth is that some of them are real benchmarks in the electries or DIY installation sector. In case you haven't seen them we've prepared an audiovisual summary with some of the best moments.

Today, the best option for data transmission is fiber optics and not only refers to computers, but also video games and streaming. The software used by the latter is powerful and heavy, requiring a very high speed data transmission, so its operation is stable and fluid. However, installations performed by all vendors only reach the router.

What happens from the router to the rest of the house?

Unlike conventional fiber optic glass, this type of fiber optic is made of a polymer that allows, without appreciable loss of performance, to transmit light and therefore data, but with a fundamental advantage: it is flexible and very thin, which makes it an interesting way to connect a house or office to provide you with better data coverage. The ease of fiber optic plastic wiring thus allows a quality connection at each corner, and to complete the installation it is necessary to install a "media converter" that has one or more POF inputs and one or more Ethernet outputs.

If WiFi coverage doesn't reach certain corners of your home or office, the solution is usually for WiFi repeater or PLC technology. With plastic fiber optics or POF unlike traditional glass optical fibers it is made of polymer, which can transmit light and therefore data without significantly degrading performance, but has a basic advantage: it is soft and very thin, this is an interesting way to connect your home or office to provide better data coverage.

In the end each solution depends on each case and your preferences. We invite you to find out more about it and ask your questions

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