Recommendations to improve connectivity if you don't have Plastic Fiber Optics

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The current context has forced most companies to move their operations to a home office or teleworkformat, which means employees encounter connection issues when trying to get their work teams to coordinate and operate regularly from their homes.

The best solution to this will always be a wired connection but with this simple six-point basic manual you can improve the home internet connectivity experience.

From Actelser, for all those who choose not to wire or use Plastic Fiber Optics it is recommended:

    • Place the router in a central location, taking into account its scope. This is because distances can vary in ranges from 30 to 100 meters depending on the model.
    • Place it raised. This helps improve coverage, especially since there are fewer obstacles from a certain high level so it is recommended to use shelves or other elevated places.
    • Do not put it next to devices that operate on the same frequency and cause interference. In this category are microwave ovens, wireless phones, baby monitors or wireless cameras, among others.
    • Neighboring Wi-Fi networks can also interfere. Apart from the benefits that many may find in them, it is suggested to know which channels have the most connected and choose the least saturated ones.
    • Avoid walls that weaken the signal. Concrete and wood walls are the ones that isolate the signal from a router the most. In this case you only have to take into account the thickness, but the number of walls that the signal must pass through to reach the equipment.
    • Boost the signal with repeats. These are accessories that allow the signal to arrive a little better. That is, it redistributes the Wi-Fi signal to more places. The problem with these solutions is that they manage to carry between 20% or 40% of the signal in the best cases.

Remote work schemes, such as home office, are attractive in terms of savings and productivity in different respects. However, due to technological evolution, access to the use of collaboration tools is increasingly complex to satisfy in terms of connectivity.

Now more people are at home for longer, using laptops, phones, tablets, smart TVs, plus smart voice devices, etc.

Telework requires high data traffic due to the amount of information that is transmitted over the Internet, depending on the size and activity of organizations, which not any facility can support. Therefore, it is advisable to have solutions such as additional access points that facilitate higher transmission rates, safely and reliably. What at Actelser we call the High Reliability Internet. This with plastic fiber is achieved 100%.

To be sure, the shift from office-to-home work was drastic, as "residential" solutions in the market, which barely met the demand for household data consumption, had to be adapted to withstand a higher data load. But technology has evolved and today there are simple-to-use, easy-to-install solutions that can ensure good performance for employers and employees, preventing situations such as distance from getting in the way of their work, strengthening their residential and corporate networks.

To learn more about the best way to implement the connection in your home we recommend Snap Data kits for Plastic Fiber Optics.

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