Discover our catalog of SNAPDATA products based on Plastic Fiber Optic Technology (POF)

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  • ACT2003 Media Converter...


    Media converter with 3 RJ45 and 2 POF. This extended version of our converter allows to continue two other elements acting as daisy chain or daisy chain to chain more converters and extend the plastic fiber optic network with more points.

    Includes its own power supply.

  • ACT4001


    Actelser's Plastic Optic Fiber Snap Data Switch features 1 RJ45 and 4 POFs.

    Includes its own power supply.

  • Snap Data Plastic Fiber...


    KIT with all the necessary elements to perform a plastic fiber optic installation at home. Installs an extension from the peer-to-peer router. Includes 20 meter plastic Fiber Optic cable. Ideal for large and duplex homes. Delivers 100% of the contracted speed to the operator.

  • Plastic Fiber Optic Snap...


    The Data Snap Duplex Kit easily installs Plastic Fiber Optic Internet at an additional 2 points, taking advantage of 100% of the contracted bandwidth. This Kit is an expanded and more complete version of our basic Kit, ideal for slightly larger, three-storey homes or that have a separate stay from the rest.

  • Gold Plastic Fiber Kit (4...


    Gold Plastic Fiber Optic Kit. The Gold Kit is one of our most complete kits. It incorporates 4 converters and a switch to extend your connection up to 4 access points to 100% of the data you pay.

  • Premium Plastic Optic Fiber...


    Premium Plastic Optic Fiber Kit. Our most complete kit with 5 access points and a switch to extend your connection in 5 access points to 100% connectivity (extendable). Ideal for large homes or offices and for total coverage.

  • Plastic Fiber Optic...


    Built-in plastic fiber optic converter with 2 RJ45 to 1gbps outputs. Ideal to give an impeccable finish in fiber installations.

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    Snap Data Plastic Fiber...

    €132.23 -10% €119.01

    New Single Plastic Fiber Optic Kit

    Maximum performance at everyone's fingertips

    You asked us to, we've got him here. The most compact 1gbps plastic fiber optic kit. The new Single Plastic Fiber Optic Kit will open the doors of high fidelity connectivity with fiber optics in the home. The best way to extend your fiber optic connection to an additional point in your office or home without loss.

    With special launch price

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    Snap Data Telework Pack -...

    €157.02 -10% €141.32

    The Telework Kit is Snap Data's most compact and optimized solution for forgetting connectivity issues.

    The quality of fiber optics at home within everyone's reach.

    Take advantage of launch offer now!